November 2011 Newsletter

Vol. 3 Oct. 2011

From the Desk of the Pres Kindy Parker

Wow what a great rally! So many thanks that need to go out.

  1. Special thanks go out to Tom for the prior years as President. Definitely some big shoes to fill. I hope I can do as great of a job.
  2. Thanks to Jeff and Ruth Martin for the great trip around Buffalo after the parade.
  3. Thanks to Tom, Mary Ann, Karen, Don, Jeff and Ruth for the Poker Run. Everyone had a good time.
  4. The Campground and their staff,Chamber, Police Dept, DJ’s, Dash Inn, Lake Stop, Joe and Dick for being such great chefs; Subway and any other that I may have forgotten.
  5. The ice cream social was a great hit, as always. Thanks for the all the baked goodies.
  6. Thanks JOE and ED for the GREAT JOB on the newspaper.

I would like to welcome Jeff and Sharon Olson to staff and also a big welcome and thank you to Jeff as the new Vice President.

Welcome to the new members. We missed the members who weren’t there – but we did talk about you’ll (all good of course).

The club has leftover items from 2009, 2010 and 2011 if there is any interest in them. Let me know, and I will tell you what we have. One idea was to take the item and put on it plus 1 or 2 or 3.

Remember the only way we are going to have a SUPER GREAT ASSOCIATION is to grow!

No major mishaps going home for Jerry and me! Yeah, believe it or not I stayed pretty clean on this whole trip.

New Web Site

ATA’s has a new web site. Check it out, you will like it. Post anything you like; for sell items, questions about most anything, tell a story, want to buy, whatever tickles your funny bone.

Go to Google and type in (


From the Desk of the Vice Pres Jeff OIsen

Jeff has been busy building trikes. He says hi to everyone and hopes to see everyone at the rally.


Jeannie and Joe Kennedy

Pappy Dahlquest

In September about 8:00 p.m., Sheridan ATA member Bob Ritter and one of his daughters were coming home from a Saturday ride when the unexpected happened.

It’s said a deer ran into them and ended up on his lap. Of course it startled them since she was watching for deer and they were doing under the speed limit. They rode the trike off the road, down the bar pit, and rolled and threw them off.

She was taken to a hospital in Billings with neck and back problems. Now she is in Casper
for rehab. Bob broke some bones in his hand and has really bad road rash over his entire body. He was in the Sheridan Hospital for five or six days. He is doing rehab in Sheridan Manor.

At 82 he says he want to fix the trike or build another one. It can happen any where. This happened only two miles from home.


It has been a sad year for the ATA – Leonard Collins

Patrick Collins will be bringing Leonard Collins’s remains to the Trike Rally in 2012. This will be a great time to pay our respects for a long time ATA member. He was one of the 12 that started the club. His card member was 7.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Leonard’s family. He will greatly be missed in the Trike Assoc. and the triking business.

Pappy passed away on
the 17th of Oct. 2011.

He was a great
person that everyone enjoyed

to be around. And we
are all better people

to have known him. He
will be greatly


From the Desk of the Treasurer/Secretary Ruth Martin

Old Business. Ruth gave the treasurer’s report:

  • beginning last year 2010. The year began with $4.095.03 ended with $1,828.07.
  • This year 2011 began with $1807.92 and ended with an est. of $809.66.
  • Members 53, new members are 8,number trikes at this year’s rally 24.

Raffle prizes were donated by Kindy & Don Lindeoll who gave Kindy craft items of Kathy’s that she finished. Don DuChane quilt block pic. of Connie Parker. Winners were Dick Mahoney, Tom Parish. Karen Hendrick, Jerry McCollum

50/50 Raffle Dick Mahoney $ 120.00

Poker Run:

a.    Don DuChane $91.50

b.   Dave McNurlan $61.00

c.    Karen Hendrick $33.33

Last year. Cindy Lindsey made card holders which we used for trophies this year. Thank you from all of us for the card holders.

      1. Furthest – Sue Minter
      2. Closest – Jeff Martin
      3. Oldest – Bob Ritter
      4. Youngest – Don Barnes

25 Year plaques – Phyllis Reynolds – Kathy Linendoll’s was presented to Don and we had a moment of silence. Don thanked all the ladies here and not here this year for making her last rally the best.

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E-mail address is This e-mail address is for ATA members to use to let us know things that you would like in the newsletter. Things like what you have done on vacation, if you built a new trike, made a run somewhere or if you talked to any other trikers.

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